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Head East - Motorcycle Adventure Central Asia - reviews

Head East - Motorcycle Adventure in Central Asia - customer reviews

By Grady Harp HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICE on July 9, 2016

The book is a memoir of Pavlin’s cycling adventure through Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan,
Caspian Sea ferry, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan,Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania
and Poland – complete with the frustrations and the joys of riding the world in the open, the comedy he
creates/encounters, and the insights into the people he meets. All of this is accompanied by some of the
most beautiful color photographs of Central Asia yet published. ‘My descriptions are thorough in places,
taking great care to deliver a painstakingly accurate account of my experience and, in addition, I have
intentionally chosen to enter some topics in greater detail, even divulging descriptive historical accounts that
will contribute to your more comprehensive understanding of the matters that I hold so dear. This really is the
only way I can make you see things as I did and allow you to grasp the immense cultural diversity of our
societies. Consequently, I make philosophical reflections every so often about matters that spark the center of
my being, provoked by the majestic views and environments I was a part of along the way.’

Not only is this a travelogue and reflection on life from the seat of a cycle, it is also an information source for
motorcyclists who wish to imitate his journey – or create a voyage of their own - complete with all the
necessities for making such a journey (luggage, tires, clothing, money, visas, and information about time
changes and map differences. A perfect ridealong entertaining story with much more substance than one
would expect.

Grady Harp, July 16


op 24 november 2016
The narrative style is great for my taste. All to the point and useful. Pavlin has added a ton of information
about Visa applications, preparation, budget and planning, which help me with my planning for similar trip.


on May 4, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
Great book, when reading you feel as if you're riding in the country yourself. Writing style and self reflection
are nice to read. Book is full of useful information when you want to travel in central Asia.

Must read for riders who wants to visit central Asia !!