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Motorcycle Gear

Recommended Motorcycle Gear and equipment.

Over the years, I have used all kinds of motorcycle gear. From a simple old style helmet to the top level of
modern motorbike clothes. I received a lot of questions, what should I buy? What is worth the money and
what is not?

So, I decided to make this page, to help you guys to find the things you need. All the gear, which I am going
to show you are either used by me, my riding friends, or I have had a chance to get a good look at it.

I will never recommend something I never tested before!

The links I am going to provide are from Amazon (Affiliate)

Note: An affiliate link means, that I will earn a small commission, if you decide to buy something and it doesn’t
cost you any extra. I don’t feel as if you owe me anything, but if you are going to buy the product anyway, then
why not?


O'Neal Sierra Adventure
O'Neal Sierra Adventure
Nolan N86
           Nolan N86
Shoei Hornet
      Shoei Hornet X2
Nexx X.D1 Baja
             Nexx X.D1



Vicking Cycle Warlock
   Viking Cycle Warlock
Rev'it Poseidon GTX
   Rev'it! Possidon GTX
Klim Badlands Pro
     Klim Badlands Pro
    Acerbis Adventure



Scorpion XDR Yuma
  Scorpion XDR Yuma
Rev'it Poseidon GTX
   Rev'it! Poseidon GTX
Klim badlands pro pants
     Klim Badlands Pro
ScorpionExo Trey
    Scorpion Exo Trey

Motorcycle Boots
Sidi Adventure Motorcycle Boots
      Sidi Adventure
Gaerne GX 1
        Gaerne GX 1
Forma Adventure
      Forma Adventure
Gaerne SG 12
      Gaerne SG 12


Rukka Forsair
          Rukka Forsair
Rev'it! Dirt 2
       Rev'it! Dirt 2
Dainese X TRavel
      Dainese X Travel
    Alpinestars Drystar


Ferrino Chaos
       Ferrino Chaos
         MSR Elixir
The norht face
      The North Face
      Alps Meramac

Sleeping Bags and Mattresses

    Marmot Trestles
      Teton Sports
Camp solutions
       Camp Solutions

Camping tools

    Primus Multifuel
       Petroforu Set
        Petzl Tactikka
Camping tool
        Camping Tool

Camera Setup

Sony DCS-RX 100
     Sony DSC-RX 100
     Contour Camera
GoPro Hero 5
       GoPro Hero 5
     Manfrotto Tripod


Abus Granit Plus 68
       Abus Granit 68
Abus chain
     Granit 68 + chain
Abus Disc lock holder
      Disc lock holder
Personal alarm
      Personal alarm

chest protector
       Chest Protector
elbow knee
 Elbow Knee Ptotectors
   Integrated Protectors
body armour
      Full Body Armour

        Airbag Vest
helite jacket
        Airbag Jackets
neck brace
           Neck Brace
knee brace
            Knee Brace

  Hydration pack Source
oxford grips
     Oxford heated grips


Smart-Turn System and Smart Brake Module.

safe turn Smart brake module

Detailed video review you can watch here.   Buy it now and save 7%.


For anything else you can click  links below and find whatever you need.

Helmets Jackets Pants Gloves boots accessories