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The Best Adventure Motorcycles in 2017 - Top 10 Adventure Motorbikes

Hello guys, I just started a series of videos "The Best Adventure Motorcycles". I am going to review each one
of the big Adventure bikes and will share it with you the pros and cons of each one of the models.

On the list are top 10 big motorcycles you can buy in 2017:

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure ,
Honda Africa Twin , BMW F 800 GS Adventure , KTM 1090 Adventure,
Ducati Multistrada 1200, Yamaha XT 1200 Tenere, Triumph  Tiger 800, Kawasaki Versys 1000,
Triumph Tiger Exporer 1200 and KTM 1290 Adventure

Take a cold beer and watch the reviews:


1. BMW R 1200 GS Adventure 2017 - Test Ride & Review

First video is about BMW  R 1200 GS Adventure 2017. It's a great motorbike with a long Adventure
history and I think that it deserve the first position.


2. Honda Africa Twin 2017 - Test Ride & Review

I have a chance to ride this wonderful machine and I am very happy with. It has everything and adventure
motorcycle should have. Powerful engine, 1000cc, 98 H.P, super brakes, very good suspension, perfect
design and a long adventure history.  This bike is definatley something you have to look if you have plans
to up grate from GS 800, Yamaha XT or another 650 segment. The price is above 12,000 euro in Europe.
It is not cheap, but it is still the cheapest in the category.


3. BMW F 800 GS Adventure 2017 - Test Ride & Review

In this video I am going to review the new BMW 800 GS Adventure. It’s coming with bigger tank 24 litters
and some small optical changes. BMW also designed new windscreen, not good enough (my opinion),
but much better than the old model. The bike weight is 230kg almost the same as most of the Motorcycles
in this category. The power coming from parallel twin 800cc which delivers 86 H.P, more than enough for
any tip of riding. Equipped with all electronic system as ABS, traction control and el. Suspension (rear).
The ABS is switchable if you decide to ride off – road.  21 inch front tire and 17 inch rear promised very
good control on and off road. The price is about 15,000 euro which is far away from my budget, but I have
to confess and say that it’s a very good motorcycle.


4. KTM 1090 Adventure 2017 - Test Ride & Review
I have the chance to test the new model of the Austrian brand 1090 Adventure.  It was really nice experience.
The bike is very well design with everything what we need from big adventure motorcycle. It has 23 litters
tank, nice windscreen, beautiful design and strong engine. Regarding to the specifications the wet weight
is 205kg. Sound really impressive, but when we add 23 litter of petrol and about 4 litters of oil and antifreeze
we will have little above 230kg, which is the average for this category.  Some of the cons, at least for me were
the low seat, 19 Inch tubeless front wheel and not adjustable suspension, but on the modification “R” this
problem is solved, off course for the proper price. The engine V Twin, 1050cc delivers 125 H.P and about
120 Nm of torque. You can easily cruise with 150km per hour all day long. My opinion is that this is the
perfect adventure motorcycle for people who love the long distances and don’t really go off road. For those
of you, who prefer the real adventure riding with hard terrains 1090 Adventure R will suit just perfect.
It comes with 21-18 wheels and adjustable suspension.


5. Ducati 1200 Multistrada - 2017 - Test Ride & Review

In this video I am going to review the new 2017 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S. I l always wanted to ride one of
these bikes. I have heard so many nice things about it. Finally I have this opportunity and I am so pleased.
The Multistrada has the most powerful engine in the category and defiantly the best design, at least for me.
It has 160 H.P and it blast all the competitors in the adventure market today. Coming with fully, electronically
adjustable suspension, all safety systems and 20 litters petrol tank.  Of course as any other motorcycle, it
has some cons. First and maybe the biggest for me is the price. It starts from 18,000 euro for “S” version.
The second is the wheels choice. 17 Inch front and back, which will reduce the chances to ride off road.
For that purpose you have to choose “Enduro” version. It has 19 – 17 Inch wheels and 30 litters petrol tank,
but the price start from 20,000 euro. Any way, it is not the tip of motorcycle I will take on the round the world
trip, but was such a pleasure to ride it.


6. Yamaha XT 1200 Super Tenere 2017 - Test Ride & Review

This motorcycle came on the scene about 7 years ago. We were waiting from a long time and finally,
most of you guys, include me were a bit disappointed. Big and heavy bike was not what we expect. The
legendary Yamaha Tenere 750, 5 times Dakar winner, has nothing common with the one we saw. It is
coming with totally new face, powerful 1200cc engine, which delivers 116 H.P. The seat is double now
and the chain is replaced with drive shaft. It has upside down, full adjustable suspension, ABS, traction
control, 23 litters tank and nice windscreen. All of that is not bad at all, but the weigh rise to 261kg.  This
immediately put this motorcycle to a different category “ Heavy travel enduro” , not in the one we all desire
“ Adventure motorcycle”. Anyway I tested and I have to confess that I was nicely surprised. Except the
weigh I liked anything else.


7. Triumph Tiger 800, 2017 - Test Ride & Review

I am going to review the new Triumph Tiger 800, modification XRT. The XRC version is very well known, as one
of the middle weigh Adventure motorcycles, but the “T” always stayed under the radar. “T” means touring and
actually this version coming with all possible extras. It has heated grips and seats, front and rear, cruise
control, fog lights, nice wind screen and many more. It is equipped with 19-17 Inch wheels and upside down
forks, but not adjustable. The double disk brakes from Nisin, ensured excellent stopping power.  It is coming
with the famous 800cc triple and delivers 95 HP. I would say that this is the most powerful engine in this
category. It works well on the low and high rews. The only thing I don’t like is the noisy sound. It is very similar
as washing machine. The ergonomics is not for me, but it doesn’t mean that is not going to be good for you.
It is 230kg wet, but the tank is only 18 litters. The price is little above 12,000 euro and this makes it very
competitive to the rest of the brands on that category.


8. Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer 2017 - Test Ride & Review

In this video I will ride the Triumph Tiger 1200 Explorer. It is the top class motorcycle from Triumph. It has
heated grips and seats, front and rear, cruise control, fog lights, nice wind screen  and WP electronically
adjustable suspension. It is equipped with 19-17 Inch wheels. The double disk Brembo brakes , ensured
excellentstopping power.  It is coming with very powerful  1200cc triple and delivers 139 HP.
The ergonomics is not for me, but it doesn’t mean that is not going to be good for you. It is 250kg wet and
the tank is only 20 litters, which is sad for such a big a powerful motorcycle. The competitors, BMW GS
1200 Adventure and KTM 1290 Super Adventure have 30 litter tanks. I have found some cons of  that
model. The first is the weight. There are many bikes with similar or more weight, but this I really felt top
heavy. It was difficult for me at the beginning to control it on a low speed. The second big minus is the
price, it’s start from 18,000 euro.


9. Kawasaki  1000 Versys 2017 – Test Ride & Review

It is not the typical Adventure Motorcycle. Kawasaki promotes it as a dual sport, but I think that it is more
touring or street orientated. The first impressions I had is really good. The design and the finishing quality
are excellent.  It’s coming with two colours, dark orange and Kawasaki green. The tank is 21 litters and
promise 350km of range. The engine is 4 cylinders and delivers 120 H.P.  The suspension is up site down,
nice shock, both fully regulated.  Front brakes are with two disks 320mm and Brembo  calipers. You can
easily see that everything on it talks about street riding. The handle bar is 22 mm with nice curvy shape,
exactly as touring bikes. Anyway, I was nicely surprise how easy is to controlled around the city and the
weight of 250kg is not a problem at all. On the top of all of that coming the price of about  12,000 euro.


10. KTM 1290 Super Adventure R 2017 – Test Ride & Review

Finally I have a chance to ride this motorcycle. It was really great experience. The guys from KTM did
wonderful job. The machine has fantastic design and very good finishing quality. Austrian company really
pay attention to each detail. The logo “Ready to race” is not only advertisement, the bike is ready to race
at any time. The engine is 1,301cc and delivers 160 H.P. It’s coming with 21-18 Inch tires and spoke wheels.
Double disks ,320mm front brakes and fully adjustable WP suspension. The tank is 23 litters and the wet
weigh of this motorcycle is 240kg. Handling on the street is so easy and you can’t feel the weight.
It is heavy, but it is still the lighter in the category. These are the pros, let’s talk about the cons:
The windscreen has new design, which I don’t really like and the wind protection is not good and the
problem is that they still haven’t after market solutions, maybe next year. The second and the biggest cons
for me is the price. This model starts from 17,000 euro. Of course keep in mind that to ride this heavy beast
off road, you will need proper riding skills and they not coming when you purchase the motorcycle.


The Best Adventure Motorcycles - Conclusion - My Choice - Yamaha XT 660 Z

The biggest question is: “Do we really need big and expensive motorcycle to travel around the world?”
The short answer is “No”, we don’t need it! We need water, we need food, we need shelter and anything
else is just luxury extras. After I have tested the most famous brands and models on the market I decided
to show you my bike as well. To travel the world you don’t need fast, you need travel bike. Many people
will disagree with me and will say that this Tenere is to small and not a proper motorcycle for long trips,
but in last five years I have been to more than 50 countries. What that’s mean, it’s not good, of course is
good and I having evidence about it.

Right from the shop it’s coming with 21-17 Inch tires, 22 litters petrol tank and possibility to load a lot of
luggage, stock side cases and top box as well. It has nice light and good enough wind screen. The engine
is not that impressive, 660cc, single cylinder and delivers only 48 H.P, but if you ask me, more than enough.
Yes, you can feel it powerless on the highways, but is that what you are looking for?

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