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Tips for riding Motorcycle on Long distance.

1. Start – always wake up before sunrise. If you do will have enough time for everything.
Breakfast, preparing, toilet and so on.
2. Luggage – pack your back properly and fix it tight on your bike. Make sure that all the things, which you
going to need on the road are in the easy to access position.
3. Fuel – always refill the bike before you go to sleep so you are not going to waste your time in the mornings.
4. Timing – ride strict. Make the brakes and refueling at the same time. Never ride more than 2 hours without
stopping and never stop for more than 30 min. In both case you are losing your concentration. Riding on high
speed to recover the time will not help, it’s opposite you can make an accident and your journey will over.
5. Food – always have a nice breakfast. It will help you to ride until lunch without think about food. Eat as light
is possible. Things like big steaks or Mc Donald’s are not the right choice. Keep some chocolate bars or nuts in
your pocket in the case you need some energy.
6. Water – drink a lot of water. Use Camel back instead of normal bottle. With Camel back you are able to
drink at any time, with bottle only when you stop. When you riding your body consume double more water than
7. Back pack – keep it as light is possible. Even 2 kg will be a problem in some stage. At the end the back
pack will finish in the garbage or tight on the tale of your bike. I recommend to use military vest instead of
backpack. The vest split the weight around your body and it’s not a problem to wear it all day.
8. Coffee – the coffee is very powerful stimulant. Some people can’t live without it. If possible stop it before
the trip, if not bring enough. On the destinations like Asia is not easy to find. Coffee addiction is real and you
don’t want to test it on the way.
9. Communication – if you riding in a group set a Bluetooth system. You can connect up to 8 devices. If you
are alone use ear plugs. They make the journey much easier. Some times after long day ride I go to bed, close
my ayes, but I can’t sleep. I have this noise in my head – bu bi bu. All of this will be avoided if you use ear plugs.
10. Stop on time – it’s mean to have enough time to find a place to sleep, to unload you bike to have a dinner,
check the map for the next day and maybe to see something of the area you are staying. All of this will ensure
enough time for a good night sleep and you will be ready to start on the next morning fresh like a baby.

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