Yamaha XT660Z - Modifications

A long time ago in a different country in a different life...

I started riding motorcycles since I was 14 years old. During this time I have changed many brands and models. In my 20' I was riding only sportbikes, believing that they are the best. A bit later I switched to dirt bikes, later to touristic orientated models,  then even choppers. I have tried ATV for a couple of years, but it was not for me and quickly went back to the dirt bikes. After that, I spent about 7-8 years riding only off-road, convincing myself that this is the safest option.

Husvarna TE 510

Everything was fine and I really enjoyed that, but I was missing the long miles rides. I wanted to travel and with the bikes, I was riding this was impossible. Not long after that I finally discovered the dual-sport motorcycles, or as we called today Adventure models. I realized that these models were everything I need. I can travel and still be able to go off the road for a couple of hours even days. The best of everything was that with a small and not so expensive modifications I can convert a standard bike to an ultimate adventure motorcycle.

Yamaha XT660Z, 2008 - Adventure Modifications

I bought my Tenere on 11,000km. For me, it was like brand new. Immediately started the conversion. Coming from the dirt bikes I wanted a bit better suspension for the moments when I will decide to leave the roads. The forks came from Yamaha YZ 450 (Kayaba 49mm). I needed to modifate the triple clamp and to change from two to one brake rotor. It was impossible to use the stock front wheel and I changed with Excel rim from the same Yamaha YZ 450. So far so good, but then I realized that the springs were too soft because they were designed for 120kg bike. The Tenere was almost double. So I changed the springs as well with the stiffest I found for the model. The stock exhaust was replaced with a single light muffler from SM Racing. I also changed the handlebar, the front fender, the footpegs, gear shift, brake pedal, the seat and many more.  Installed open K&N filter. Chopped the tail and basically changed almost everything without the engine itself. As a result of all of these changes, I shaved around 20kg from the total weight of the bike. Since then I only ride it. At the moment it has more than 140,000km on the clock and still runs trouble-free.

Yamaha XT660Z Modiciations Yamaha Tenere Adventure Modiciations

Down below you can watch some of the videos I have made during the years.

I hope that this information will help someone to make the right decisions!

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