The preparation is the key to success. Do it right and enjoy the benefits!

Many of you are happy to pay hundreds of dollars, for expensive gear with the idea that it will help them to have the best adventures. I understand this mania, but I have a different opinion on this topic. I believe that the adventure start and finishes in our minds and spending money on gear cannot really help much. Might boost a bit your confidence,  but it also could lead you to a big disappointment.  What most of the people missed is that without investing in yourself, the way you think and the necessary skills, nothing going to change.

In the beginning, I had the idea to make an online course on this topic, but later I decided to go to this, more personal way, instead of leaving you one-way video connection. By doing it, I can focus on more details exactly for your case and skip the part you don't need. This means that I will answer all the questions you have and will help you with all the necessary preparation.

What I offer is my knowledge, my experience and everything I have learned in the last 15 years for a small fraction of the price you are ready to pay for the "adventure gear" that might or might not help. Because it will take my time I would like to compensate for it. The price I ask is
99 Dollars. It might sound like a lot of money for some, but just calculate how much you have spent buying useless things in the last year.  

By paying this price you will receive my personal e-mail and telephone number. You will be able to contact me anytime you need and I will do my best to help you. Your location does not matter, because, thanks to the internet can do it through Viber, WhatsApp or Duo. There are no time limitations. This one-time payment, you won't be charged again.

You might have some questions like; What value I can bring to you? Can I improve your skills and make your trips much easier and safer? The answer is YES! I already did it for many watchers of my channel, through the books I sell and I can do it for you as well!


personanal consultation

The right motorcycle choice;
Modifications for long trips;
Ideas about how to finance your trip;
How to start your trips;
The proper way to do it;
Recommended destinations;
Maps and navigation;
Personal and bike safety;
Basic off-road riding tips and bike set-up;
Body and mental preparation;
Necessary skills;
How to build the self-confidence;
The easiest way to travel and many more...

No nonsense, only real-time, working and proven advice. Basically, you can ask me about anything. You can make your own personal list of questions and I will answer them for you and even add more valuable information that you might not have even considered yet.

As a bonus, you will receive the books I have at the moment; "How to become a better long-distance motorcycle rider", "The next level of adventures" and "Head East - Motorcycle Adventure around Central Asia. I will also send you my sticker and you will have for free all of my future books. I plan two very interesting titles. The first is; "Passion or a profession? Why not both!" and the second will be; "The ultimate motorcycle rider guide", which will include the most interesting destinations with great details and a lot of useful information. So basically, by paying for this service you will receive around 50 of its value before we even start talking. I think that is a very good deal. The best of everything is that we are going to build a friendship, which I believe will be beneficial for both sides.

After the payment is completed, please send me an e-mail with your physical address and proof of the payment. The address I will need to send you the sticker. The promised books will be attached + a template, which you need to complete and send it back to me.  Please provide as more as possible information for you, your riding skills, your ideas, your motorcycle, and future travel plans.  I look forward to working with you!

Price - 99$.

Because of many reasons, like PayPal commissions, tax, and etc.  I accept only bank payments.

Account holder: Pavlin Zhelev

If the price I asked (99 Dollars) is too much, you can join my Patreon page, pay a small monthly contribution and still receive the help you might need.


I offer a 100% money-back guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, I will do everything I can to make it right, but if I can't - I will return your money.