Detailed Route Planing

Detailed route planning for long motorcycle trips

I just started another project that might be even a good option to support the channel and be beneficial to you at the same time. To hit two birds with one stone.

Because I travel with paper maps I actually keep them all. This basically means that at any time I can open it and help you to plan your next long motorcycle trip. I can draw the same route that I have done in a specific country or make a new route, of course, customized for you and your type of motorcycle.

Motorcycle Route Planing

I can do all this for you and of course, tell you the most important information that you need to know.

What will be included?

 - Detailed route planning
 - Condition of the roads
 - Places that are worth seeing
 - Rules
 - Money
 - Accommodation
 - Food
 - What you need to be careful
 - What not to do and many more...

Motorcycle Trip Route Planning

Of course being just a human, not Google Maps, or Wikipedia and because I don't want to talk about something that I never saw with my eyes, I can do it only in the countries that I have been to.

Believe it or not, this route planning might take a lot of days even weeks and because of that, I would like my time to be compensated. The price that I ask for will be different for everyone and it depends on the destination, the number of the days that you have planned and how detailed it needs to be.

Important! I cannot start any route planning if I travel at the moment! It will be done after I come back home.

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