BAG Annual Meetup 2024

Balkan Adventure Group (BAG) Annual Meetup in Bulgaria 2024

Balkan Adventure Group  

24.05.24 - 26.05.24 - Moto Camp Idilevo  

Before you continue reading, to avoid misunderstandings, you should be aware that this is NOT a standard
BAG gathering! Such will be held separately later in the year, and BAG eXplorer becomes a separately
profiled event, with specific purpose, rules, features, and requirements.

First and foremost, the BAG eXplorer game is associated with a participation fee, which forms the prize pool,
benefits for the registrants - multiple attributes such as T-shirts only for the participants, with a unique logo
placed by screen printing, accessories, game aids, stickers, participation certificates, and more.

Those who manage to purchase the so-called full package (bed spaces in the room are limited) receive
catering – breakfast and dinner. As the event location does not offer food. A training track for the ProMax
format will be set up at the camp, including a 15-minute training session with a professional trial and
off-road instructor. The motorcycles are TRS ONE R 250 brand.

On Saturday, if there are interested parties, a group for a full-day trial school will be formed, for which
there will be additional information. Everyone is welcome, but keep in mind the above - bed spaces
with sheets are highly limited, due to the specificity of the location.

There is no limit for tent camping, both inside and outside the camp.
The idea of BAG eXplorer has also been explained multiple times, but we will remind you of the most
important points, and the general briefing is on Friday 24.05 at 20:00h. Participants are divided into
teams of up to three motorcycles, with unique names and on-site teaming up is also possible, and as
we know, we also have participants from other countries, and combining is free.

On Saturday 25.05 at 9:00h, folders containing the questions, with a paper map, for note-taking, will be
handed out. Departure is at will when the team is ready. The game ends at 18:00h. Emails proving
visited points after this time will not be scored. Through a fun format, in the form of riddles, you need to
find a certain number of objects that form a route, which you will enjoy passing, exploring the wonders
and beauties of the region. The roads are diverse - third, second, and first-class roads are covered,
showing the full diversity of the native infrastructure. Off-road is not planned, but each team makes its
own route. There are options for shortcuts at your own risk.

For finding each object, you receive points and proving is done by sending a photo/selfie from the
location to the specified email, where you must specify the name of the team and the number
of questions you are answering. The speed factor does not exist! The Olympic principle and the joy of
riding a motorcycle in this beautiful area prevail.

Previous experience has been taken into account and the organization has been optimized and
improved. In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by an open runoff, through questions
about the route, so you must be observant, not just pass by and take selfies. The route is programmed,
and the time is sufficient for riding, contemplating, and photographing. Digitally it is under 200 km, and
there is logic in its plotting and passing. There will be bonuses for the best and most creative photo.
The first three ranked teams also receive serious prizes.

We hope for good weather and wonderful views, spring is a great time for riding. If the weather is not
good, the decision to pass the route will be individual for each team.

The new feature ProMax will represent a kind of fun competition that will take place on Sunday until
noon, on a built indoor track in the camp and trial motorcycles. Instructors from Trials Bulgaria will
help you with tips and practical exercises, within the extras included in the full package. Those who
decide to participate on the spot must sign up the day before.

All participants in BAG eXplorer3 fill out a declaration that they are informed of the conditions and
instructed. New things will be added to the event, so if it falls within your area of interest, follow it, and
also do not hesitate to ask questions.

Moto Camp Idilevo location here.

Moto Camp Idilivo website here.

Price for a comprehensive two-day package with bed space, and all extras included for the event - 270 BGN.
Payment by bank transfer, up to 1 week before the start of the event, to order the T-shirts, as well as other necessary attributes.

Separate prices for newcomers, those who have not found places, or have their vision for their visit:

Price for the BAG eXplorer3 game - 55 BGN.

Price for a tent - 16 BGN.

Mini-course 15 min. with trial motorcycles - 20 BGN.

Full-day course with trial motorcycles and instructor - 270 BGN, including food and drinks.
More info:

Camping entrance fee - 10 BGN/day. Bringing food and drinks is free and unlimited, but the use of the
base, places, water, toilets, baths, kitchen equipment, firewood, barbecue, etc. from the available conditions
has its requirements. It is paid on-site at the camp.

Keep in mind that food is not provided in the camp, there is no shop in the village.

To validate the reservation, it is necessary to transfer the amount of the package, MUST specify the
BAG eXplorer 3, the size of the t-shirt, and the phone number for feedback in the "Basis" field.

If you only wish to participate in the BAG eXplorer game, you also need to pre-pay to reserve a seat.
Again, in the Basis field, you MUST include a t-shirt size and phone number for feedback.

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For additional questions, you can contact us by email: or by phone,
Viber, Telegram, or WhatsApp: +359 882140278 - Georgi Georgiev