Motorcycle Trip around Turkey - Series

Motorcycle Adventure around Turkey with Yamaha XT660Z.

The trip was 40 days long and I did more than 11,000km around the country. It starts with a bad accident, but luckily everything went just fine. I was able to see the most important places from this beautiful country and come back safe in one piece! 

Official sponsors of the trip around Turkey were:

Anlas Tires

Very special thanks to everyone who donated money for my trip!

Michael Conner (USA), Ivan Milanov (Bulgaria), Nicolai Schleifer (Germany), Don Gibson (USA), Francesco Tuzzi, Philippe Bleau (Canada), Mike Fitz (USA), Mihai Naglici (Romania), Martin Blazko (Germany), Sander Veerbeek (Netherlands), Kay Ehrt (Germany), Richard Underdown (UK).