Motorcycle Trip Australia & New Zealand - Series

Motorcycle trip Australia and New Zealand

The trip was more than two months long and I covered around 21,000km around Australia and New Zealand. In Australia, I was riding Kawasaki KLR 650. After I spent 3 days in Tasmania I went to a week trip around South Australian Outback, enjoying the pure desert rides. Of course, I covered the famous Great Ocean Road, Great Alpine Road and many more. One thing I will never forget and this is the great hospitality of the local motorcycle community. In New Zealand, I had Yamaha XT660Z and again the people were amazing with me.
I saw much more than I ever expected.

Enjoy the video episodes. It is a playlist, which is mean that the next episode will follow.


New Zealand

An interesting person I met on my trip down there. He actually was a very close friend to the famous Burt Munro

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