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Please take the time to read what some of the students say about the course. If you would like to leave a testimonial, please feel free to make it any time. Positive or negative it doesn't matter I will publish it immediately because in both cases it will help me to correct the possible mistakes or make the course even better! Drop me an e-mail here.

Dear  Pavlin,
I hope you are doing well and preparing for new adventures. I want to thank you for your great online courses. It exceeded my expectations. Very informative and practical tips about adventure traveling, gear and technical aspects to pay attention. Content is easy, clear, and delivers essentials on an adventure traveling with distinctive philosophy on it. For me, as a beginner, it was a great chance to learn an easy way now than a hard way later.  And no matter if you prepare to travel around the world or just around your block.

Thank you for sharing your experience and good luck on new adventures!
Giedrius (Lithuania) 30th of May 2020


I have been watching the 'motorcycle adventures' youtube channel for a number of years. It is full of really useful real-world advice, tips, and hard-won knowledge to help us adventure dreamers make our dreams come true. 
As soon as I saw Pavlin was putting together a video course covering almost every question or perceived problem I have had about choosing and preparing the bike, route planning to visas and borders I knew I wanted to take it. The reduced price was a bonus but having completed the first module I can see the information it contains is worth much more than even the full price!
Please take this course and perhaps I'll see you on the road. I have no connection with Pavlin other than as a satisfied customer.

Robin C (UK) 22nd of May (2020)


This course is a well thought out, informative, and already has been a cost-saving to me. When everyone online is trying to sell you their latest adventure widget that will improve your life on a long-distance adventure, Pavlin lays out the simple and honest truths by his own personal experience. He is not trying to change your mind, just telling you about his experience as a long-distance motorcycle adventurer/traveler. An example that comes to mind: I was wanting a $700 USD tent that would be "the best thing I ever brought on my future trip...". Pavlin's simple explanation of "weight always matters" and his explanation with examples that when traveling sometimes tenting is not necessarily the cheapest option. The money savings right there paid for the course AND added to my budget. The course is simply laid out in bite-size pieces and is easy to navigate around. I have recommended this to my long-distance non-adventure cruiser riders as I feel they would get something out of this too. Different bikes, roads, but the same philosophy would apply.

Paul R Davidson (Canada) 15th of May 2020


This is a quite unique and brilliant course for those who want to take a step forward in their motor riding practices. Unique because I have not seen any other structured and online course such as this one before. Pavlin follows a well-planned content with good interfacing between the different parts/ lessons of the course. Also, he covers not only the technical basics but also the psychological and emotional parts of the concept he is talking about. Gives personal tricks and shares proven tips.

Brilliant because Pavlin indeed has tried and proven the concepts and terms of what he is talking about. It's proven means you have less likelihood to find the bitter way if smth is going to work or not... He is honest and to the point. No bullshittingAnd no sales/benefitting purposes that lie behind as far as I see. He does well occasionally extra emphasize certain points, that happens yes... for good overall I think.

For the records, I am for 5 years daily on my motorbike for work-home travel and occasionally on small (day- weekend) trips in the western EU. I had a Yamaha Fazer FZ6, and currently, I drive a Honda VFR800F, strictly sports tourers thus.

Cem Ozgur (Netherlands) 14th of May 2020


Pavin’s course The Essential Guide to Any Motorcycle Traveler is a real gem. Even at the full price, this course will pay for itself in spades and works out at less than the cost of a dinner for 2 at a good restaurant. For me it was a no brainer, I am an accountant by trade but you don’t have to be an accountant to figure out good value when you see it. The 3 free books you get with the course are worth more than the course, that says it all.
Only on the chapter on camping equipment, I have saved money that I can put towards better gear from the previous chapter. The course is full of tips and hints from Pavin’s first-hand experience so I can save making mistakes that he and others before him have made, the ones that are obvious and make sense but there are other lessons that are not so obvious and could save me a lot of trouble and heartache whether riding on a short trip or an epic adventure. I have been riding motorbikes for nearly 4 decades and only in recent years have I started to enjoy long trips away from home. I have lived all over the world and have seen some wonderful places that I plan to return to on my motorbike and with the help of this course, I am sure I will do it with greater confidence and a lot less hassle.
I am not being paid to write this review, other people attending the course, I am sure will testify the same of their own free will. Ask yourself this question, how many courses have you ever been to where the instructor gives you his personal phone number so you can ask questions about the course or advice in general. I know I haven’t and I have attended quite a few in my lifetime and I have also delivered a few courses of my own and I have never shared my phone number with any of my trainees.

Max (UK) 10th of May 2020


The course is super! I followed Pavlin's Youtube channel for a while and I had no doubts about the quality of the information that always provides but here he gave more than he promised!

Julian (France) 07th of May 2020


One word - Fantastic! Thank you!

Florian (Romania) 3rd of May 2020