Recommended welder in Varna

Recommended aluminum welder in Varna

It is hard to find the right people when you need them but I, being a lucky guy always do it without much effort! Yavor has the perfect workshop that you might need. He weld aluminum, iron, nickel, titanium, and many more. The only problem is that he does not speak English but I am sure that you can find a solution.

Трудно е да се намерят подходящите хора, когато имате нужда от тях, но аз, като късметлия, винаги го правя без много усилия! Явор има перфектната работилница, от която може да се нуждаете. Той заварява алуминий, желязо, никел, титан и много други.

Yavor Aluminum welder

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Highly recommended place! His telephone is: + 359 896774286. Facebook page and location of the workshop.