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I have some books which might be helpful, and if you decide to buy them, it will definitely help me to keep doing what I do. I am not pretending to be a great Author and the English language is not my powerful side,
but everything I have written comes from my own experience. I truly believe that the information I provide is valuable and could be useful to many riders.

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How to become a better long-distance motorcycle rider - e-book.

better rider

About 100 pages with proven tips and hacks. This book will give you the
most important information to help you get started and allow you to start
enjoying longer motorcycle trips. I have organized this into logical chapters
to make it easy for you to navigate your way through this guide, and to help
you find exactly what you might need quickly. I really hope that it will help you
to become a better long-distance rider so that you can begin to experience
exactly how I feel now about long-distance riding.

What to Expect? In this book, I open-up about everything that I have learned
throughout my extensive years spent on the back of a bike. I share tips on
preparations, equipment, staying safe, and more importantly, I do this in a
no-nonsense way, sharing some of my stories from my travels along the way.
By the time you reach the end, you will have many years’ worth of knowledge,
from my experience under your belt.

Available on Mobi (Kindle), EPUB, and PDF.

Price - 10$

Motorcycle Adventures got the first milestone of 100,000 subscribers. Because of that, I will give you the chance to determine the price of one of my books. If you decide to have it for free, no problem. On the other hand, you if spend a couple of dollars they will be reinvested back into the channel! Thanks in advance!

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Paperback (Amazon) Price - 19.99$. You can buy it here. To read or write a review click here.



The next level of adventures - e-book.

the next level of adventures
 A simple yet comprehensive guide to adventure motorcycle traveling. This book will give you never before published inside information with proven tips, tricks, and hacks that cover everything you need to know before you take your next big adventure. This is my second book as an extension of  'How to become a better long-distance motorcycle rider'. It is written honestly, with real advice that is based on tens of thousands of miles traveled across many countries.

What isn’t included in this guide isn’t worth knowing. This book will help you benefit from my own personal experiences, including lots of personal stories and examples from real motorcycle adventure trips. You will be entertained, enlightened, and educated about taking long adventure trips on your own or as part of a group. You will learn the safest and most efficient way to take the next level of adventures.

Available on Mobi (Kindle), EPUB, and PDF.  Price - 10$

Motorcycle Adventures

Paperback (Amazon) Price - 19.99$. You can buy it here. To read or write a review click here.


The Ultimate Bundle! - Buy both books and save 25% of the price.

Ultimate bundle
Hit two birds with one stone by ordering the books: 'How to become a better motorcycle rider' and 'The next level of adventures' They will give you all the necessary information to start or improve your adventures.

Available on Mobi (Kindle), EPUB, and PDF.  Price - 16$

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Head East - Motorcycle Adventure in Central Asia, e-book.
Motorcycle Adventure Central Asia

One incredible journey through the Silk Road: Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan,
Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan,
Kazakhstan and Russia. The trip lasts 2 months,17,000kms, we have
been to 18 countries, crossed 11 borders, and found many new friends.

The idea to write this book arose from the lack of available information
concerning the destination in question. In the beginning, it was only
intended to be an ordinary concise travelogue memoir that would
contain everything necessary to guide anyone who wished to travel in
this direction. Consequently, I reconsidered, thinking that it would be
quite a pity not to be able to convey my thoughts, my feelings, and
emotions - everything that excited me during the whole duration of the
trip. To be able to, at least a little, sense the magic of Central Asia.

Available on Mobi (Kindle), EPUB, and PDF. 

   English - 10$     Bulgarian - 5$

English Bulgarian

Paperback (Amazon) Note: There are more than 200 pictures in the book, but black & white in order to
reduce the final price of the paperback. In the e-book they are color. Price - 24.99$
You can buy it here. More info and video about the book here.


Motorcycle Trip Silk Road - How to do it? Step by Step Guide.

Silk road
For those who prefer to skip the long descriptions and only want to
focus on the conservative numbers, I have written a short e-book 
that provides a thorough description of how you can do it all: visas,
routes, contacts along the way, prices, and everything that you may
eventually need.

Available on Mobi (Kindle), EPUB and PDF. Price - 5$ 

Silk road



10 things that you have to learn before you start your motorcycle trips - Free PDF.

These simple rules will help you see the whole picture of adventure traveling and maybe encourage you to make the final decision. They helped me and I am sure that they will do the same for you! Download it from the link below.


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