Next Adventure

Motorcycle Adventure Varna - Magadan with Yamaha XT660Z.

The next long trip that I have planned or the next adventure will be from Varna (Bulgaria) to Magadan (Russia) and back. I will include also the Kamchatka Peninsula. See the map here. There are many points to see there and depends on the weather, the time, my, and my bike's condition, I might decide to explore even more. See the map here.

On the way back I will go through Vladivostok, probably by ship, and from there I will continue with the motorcycle. The plan is to cross the whole of Kazakhstan, enter Russia once again and then go to Georgia. From there I will decide to take a ferry or ride back to Varna. See the map here.

Of course, this is the plan for now and it will be changed many times. I will travel alone on my Yamaha XT660Z. I want to confirm that with a minimum budget you can have the maximum pleasure from almost any trip. Also, the idea will be to provide valuable information for those who will decide to go there after me.

I accept this as a big challenge, and I cannot wait to start it! That's why I started the preparations so early even that the trip will be done in June July and Aug next year.

Of course, I plan to film everything and upload it on my Youtube channel, but no fancy things like drones, or expensive equipment. I am sorry for the disappointment but in the end, I am just a rider, not a video producer.

As a part of the preparation for my next trip, I have changed and rebuild many parts of my motorcycle. I believe that this will increase the chances to have a trouble-free trip. Exactly the parts that I have changed, their specific numbers, and the prices of the total maintenance can find them in the gallery below.

The garage that I use to prepare the motorcycle is located in Varna. More information here.

Let me show you something really interesting. Today I bought the book "Between 2 Oceans", from Anatoly Chernyavskiy. I am so impressed with the quality of the book, the personal greet, and the amazing pictures. More information about the book here.

I don’t feel as if you owe me anything, but if you like to support my next trip, then why not? Any help is highly appreciated and will be reinvested back in the channel! More information here. Thanks in advance!

Special thanks to everyone who already did it one way or another!

Michael Conner (USA), Ivan Milanov (Bulgaria), Nicolai Schleifer (Germany), Don Gibson (USA), Francesco Tuzzi, Philippe Bleau (Canada), Mike Fitz (USA), Mihai Naglici (Romania), Martin Blazko (Germany), Sander Veerbeek (Netherlands), Kay Ehrt (Germany).

If you have any questions you can always send me an e-mail.