Motorcycle Trip Balkans - Series

My winter Motorcycle Adventure around the Balkans - Series

This trip was planned like something very simple, to go to Bulgaria and back, but actually it becomes
really nice journey. It last about 10 days I had a little above 5,000km. I have visited the territories of 12 countries:
Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia
Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Austria. Everything went well, I have no problems with the bike. The beginning was
hard, but even the cold weather and icy roads were some kind of fun to ride. A big thank you to each one of
you for the greatest support I have received on the road. You just proved that it's much easy to help instead of
hate each other.

A special thanks to Stefan and Ada (Arad, Romania), Dima (Burgas, Bulgaria), Vesso (Sofia, Bulgaria), Igor
and Kerim (Podgorica, Montenegro), Miha (Ljubljana, Slovenia) and Christian (Salzburg Austria).

Thanks - You are my heroes!

A map from the trip: Germany - Bulgaria here. Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, and Bosnia here and from
Slovenia, Austria to Berlin, Germany here.

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