Motorcycle Trip to Magadan - Series

From Varna to Magadan and back with Tenere 700

The trip was 95 days long and for that period I have done 39,000km. I was completely alone, with no support vehicle, no camera crew, just me and the raw reality. I went through the territories of 10 countries: Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Russia. It was one of the most interesting trips that I ever done. No technical, health, or any other problems. Short trailer and detailed video series you can watch on my channels.


Detailed episodes

The trip was partly sponsored by:

Canary Motorcycle Tours, Motorex, 21 Brothers, Rosetta Moto Tours, and Historical Park

Special thanks to all channel members, patrons, many ordinary people, and followers that already contributed
to this very interesting and unusual adventure! This help is highly appreciated and I promise to do my best and
show you this part of the world as it is!

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