Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia - Series

Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia - Series

Motorcycle Trip to Mongolia. It was 35 days long and we did a little above 18,000km. We have crossed 7 countries: Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Latvia, and Lithuania. We had double-entry Russian and single Mongolian Visas for 30 days period. The tires we have used are two rear TKC 80 for my Tenere and only one front. On Dima's bike Kenda 270. We have no major technical problems, not even punctures.

The route in Mongolia:

Many of you guys, asked me about the route we used. I don't have the tracks, because most of the roads not exist in Google Maps. We navigate our self with paper maps and GPS Garmin. Both have some mistakes and few times we needed to asked the locals for direction. On the map below, you can see the route we used, but it's not 100% correct. In many places, we made some short cuts or add more km. This map is just for you, to have a basic idea where we have been. When you decide to go there you will make your own.

Mongolia Map


About the video:
This time I decided to make something different. To show you the trip as it was. No hard edition, no special effects, no music. I want to share with you everything I saw, my thoughts, feelings, and comments on the road. Some days are bored, some are interesting, but this is how it was. I promise a long and detailed video with a lot of useful information for travelers with a lot of practical advice. It is not a super action movie. If you need so, I am sure you will find on Youtube more then enough. Some of you will like it, some not, but this is the only way to show you what exactly a long motorcycle trip means.

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