Yamaha Tenere Modifications - Series

Yamaha Tenere 700 - Modifications for long trips.

The new Tenere 700 covers almost every requirement that I have and the changes will be minimal. It would be mostly to remove, instead of adding things on the bike.



Full disclosure: The handles and the GPS bracket were sent to me for free from a German company Donner Tech but because I have never seen such a great design and quality, I am more than happy to promote them to each and every one of you.

Donner Tech Handles here.

Donner Tech GPS bracket here.

Acerbis handguards here

Disc lock and bracket here.


Link to buy the tail here.


Link to buy the stand here



Link to buy heated grips here.


Link to buy the crash guards here.



Yamaha XT 660 Z, 2008 - Modifications for long trips.

The first time I jumped into a motorcycle I was 14 years old. Since then I have changed many different models. Sport machines, travel bikes, cruisers, even choppers for a while. At some stage, I discovered the straight, dual-sport position and I stuck to it. Not long after that, I fell in love with enduro bikes. I spent 5-6 years riding only off-road and then the situation in my country became, I would say, "different". So, I had to move to Germany. Of course, I brought my bike with me with the idea to ride it. Yes, but no! Off-road in Germany is forbidden. Only on the special tracks and most of them were about 70-80 km away from my town, and I had to pay for it! Also, to get there, I needed to load the bike on a trailer, because I have no number plate and insurance. After a few months, I realized, that it was too expensive and too difficult to do, so I had to find another solution.

I always wanted to travel but the bike that I had at the moment was not good for that purpose. In the beginning, I was planning to make some modifications and convert it into a travel machine, but I realized very fast that with the amount of money that I need to spend and the short maintenance intervals the mission will be absolutely impossible. I sold it and decide to buy something more appropriate for road ridings.

Motorcycle adventures

I was looking for a reliable dual sports bike and finally bought a Yamaha XT 660 Z, 2008. It was on 11,000km which was like brand new for me. It was ready to go bike and the changes were absolutely not necessary but because as I said in the last few years I was riding only dirt bikes I decided to make some changes some parts with the idea to make it more durable and suitable for use on any roads.

Here is a list of the modifications I made:

Forks are from Yamaha YZ 450 KYB. I changed the springs as well.
Triple clamp form the same model. I used the original stem, pressed it to the new clamp.
A Modification of the lock. Some changes and a spacer required on the top screw.
Excel wheel from Yamaha YZ.
New brake rotor (disc) 320mm, to replace the stock two. Adapter required.
New brake line, I think it was just a standard 110mm.
Front fender from KTM 990 Adventure, some modification required to fit.
Replace the stock 22mm with 28mm bars.
Handguards from Barkbusters.
Cut the tale, just left the metal holder and ripped off all the plastic parts.
Mounted the indicators on the frame. New stoplight, small, bought it from motorcycle goods store.
New Exhaust SR Racing, 5 kg lighter.
The power commander fitted under the seat.
Change the seat with better foam.
Side covers from Honda XR.
The brake pedal I changed with one from Suzuki DR. I took the front part from the DR and the rear with a mount from the Tenere and welded them together. I made from two - one pedal.

Gear shift from Touratech. Keep in mind that it needed some modifications to fit properly. It was hitting the frame every time I put it into 1st gear; it depends on the position you mounted it.
Bash plate I made myself. I couldn't find the one I needed so I had no other choice.
Wider footpegs, I bought cheaply from eBay - 10 $, made in China, and they work perfectly.

As a result of all the changes I made, the bike became about 180kg (about 15-20 kg lighter). The front became a little bit stiff, but I like the feeling.


Handle bar Tail Tenere Brake pedal tenere
Bash plate tenere Brake rotor Tenere 320mm Footpegs Tenere


I still have plans to change the rear shock and the rear wheel, but... I have spent more than 130,000km without doing it yet.

 before ...  after ...

Links to some of the parts that I have used you can find on my Amazon shop.

Always Ride safe!