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The Essential Guide to Any Motorcycle Traveler - Online Course - 50% off - Sign up now!

The course is a proven, step-by-step system, which will help you to learn all the necessary information and finally start with your dream adventures. The price is 97$. At the moment I offer a 50% discount - 49$. It might still sound like a lot of money but consider it as an investment in your future travel skills. Only the price of the books that I am going to give you for free is 30$. I am not going even to discuss how much money it will save you and the confidence that you are going to gain. If you are not satisfied with your order I guarantee a 100% money-back.

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Content of the course:

Module One - Motorcycle & gear preparation - more than 4 hours.

1. How to prepare any motorcycle for an adventure machine? - 19:53 min

2. The most useful modifications. - What really works and what does not?
  - Suspension, Exhaust & Auxiliary lights - 16:50 min
  - Handlebar, windscreen, high mudguard, GPS mounts, and many more - 24:17 min

3. Motorcycle crash protection – Everything that you have to know - 20:15 min

4. Motorcycle security, at home and during the trips - 22 min

5. Luggage options - Make it smart, not hard! - 16:28 min

6. In search of the best motorcycle gear. My top proven tips.
  - Why you need it? Jackets, trousers, and FAQ - Part 1 - 21:03 min
  - Rain gear, helmets, boots, gloves, and different combinations - Part 2 - 12:05 min

7. Camping gear – How to save money and still travel light? - 24:48 min

8. Maintenance before the trip, spare parts, and tools – Learn to be efficient.
  - Maintenance before the trip - step-by-step guide - Part 1 - 19:04 min
Spare parts and tools - What do you really need? - Part  2 - 15:32 min

9. Must-have items on long trips – Forget about the hype, be practical - 15 min

10. How to deal with uncertainty? Doubts, fear, and wrong habits - 21:21 min

Module Two - Learn how to complete successfully any trip - more than 3.5 hours.


1. Important skills – Map reading, communication, and decision making - 26:44 min

2. The best way to start with your trips – Detailed step-by-step guide - 18:14 min

3. Things you should never do - Learn it now or the hard way later! - 17:20 min

4. Am I ready for a real adventure? – The answer will surprise you - 11:54 min

5. How to travel cheaply and still enjoy your trip? - Petrol, accommodation, food, and more - 20:07 min

6. Traveling abroad with your motorcycle.
  - Ferries, visas, temporary import & carnet de passage - 24:35 min
  - Border crossings & how to behave in a foreign country - 13:04 min

7. Riding in any weather conditions – Don’t resist, dance with nature - 28:07 min

8. Riding at high altitude - How to do it smart and safely? - 18:53 min

9. Safety during the trips – Alone, in a group, and with a passenger.
  - General advice & riding alone - 16:06 min
  - Riding in a group & with a passenger - 13:24 min

10. Most popular mistakes and how to avoid them? - 15:31 min

Every lesson in a PDF file

Because you might prefer to read, I included every lesson in a PDF file as well.

Test questions
After the end of every lesson, you have to go through a few questions that will test what you have learned so far, and finally, I provided a simple list of the most important things to remember before you move to the next lesson. I also included a lot of PDF files with specific information on different topics.

Audio format
Many of you are busy, and free time is always limited, for that purpose I included all the lessons in audio format. You will be able to download it and listen to it whenever it is convenient for you time. When you walk around, drive, or shop.


Module Three – Free books, useful information, websites, and links.

Three books – How to become a better long-distance motorcycle rider, The next level of adventures, and Head East – Motorcycle Adventure around Central Asia. Only the books cost 30$ and you are going to have it for free.

You will have access to all the important contacts that I have built during the years and you will be able to benefit from the discounts that I already arranged for you. In this section, I will also give many direct links to buy anything you need at the best possible price. You will also receive my personal e-mail, telephone, and WhatsApp number and you will be able to contact me any time you need.

The best of everything is that you are paying only once but you will have lifetime access. This basically means that every time I upgrade the course you will be notified and you can read or watch the new info that I added.


The platform that I use to host the course is Thinkific it is very well known in the online course world, with all the necessary certificates. They work with Stripe so you don’t have to worry about your credit card details.

I believe that this course will help many of you to learn all the necessary information very fast and finally start with your dream adventures! You can buy it from here or just click on the picture below.

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If you are not satisfied with your order I guarantee a 100% money-back.